Man-Made Indeed

This morning, I decided that I should get back on  the FA blogging wagon and blog about something fat and/or food-related. This is, after all, an FA blog and I want to talk about something else besides the suckage of life.

So I was all set to force myself to write something in the hope I would find a bad-ass idea for a post in the mess that I was keying in…and…it happened.

Actually, it didn’t happen. Sort of. I was logging into my personal email account to retrieve my WordPress password when I got to the log-in page. THAT’S when it happened.

There was an advert for the One Campaign about world hunger, and it had the best tagline.

“Drought is an act of nature. Famine is man-made.”

At one point, famine was natural. No one had much food to go around, and if a drought or other disaster hit, everyone was SOL. Nowadays, there is plenty of food in the world (overpopulation and other climate issues might change that, though). We have more than enough agricultural technology and knowledge to fix the problem. It’s economics, politics, and in some respects culture that is preventing every person in the world from being fed.

That resonates with me. However…that’s not the only thing that came to my mind. The FIRST thing that came to my mind was the media. The video featured a conventionally attractive girl, so immediately, I thought, “She’s talking about body image!” It took me a second or two to realize what it was about.

Anyway, that statement about famine being man-made is applicable to both cases.

The body cannot tell whether it is being starved willingly or unwillingly. It is in a state of famine nonetheless. When you restrict yourself to eating certain food or a certain number of calories, your heart or your bones or whatever does not have the brain to know, “Oh, she’s on a diet today.” Even if your body knew, that wouldn’t change how it would react. It still needs to work.

The disconnect is astounding. I tell people what counts as a starvation diet-say, under 1000 calories-and I tell them, you know, Europeans during WWII had to live on that for years. They act shocked, but when I tell them their diet of 1000 calories is just as damaging, they go blank.

But it’s for my health! I don’t want to be fat!

Okay, is <1000 calories starvation or not.

Starvation is starvation. That won’t change no matter how much you don’t want to be fat.


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