Gay marriage in Maine: What does it say about us?

That banning a nonviolent activity on the basis of a book that is, at best, creative nonfiction is an oppressive waste of time and money.

If the so-called hicks of Maine (remember that I am a Mainer myself) can grasp that, then it’s time everyone else follow suit.


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  1. Patsy Nevins · November 8, 2012

    Amen, says another Maine hick. Of course, my view of that particular book is that it is a creative work of fiction, some sort of fantasy & scifi, but, whatever it is, I don’t see it as a license for people to hate & discriminate against each other. Yes, here we are…lobster fishermen, loggers, farmers, blue collar workers, working poor & non-working poor, with our smattering of the wealthy, some professional people & a certain number of ambitious yuppies…able to understand that everyone deserves equal rights & protection under the law, that love is love, & that what happens in someone else’s romantic life is none of our business. Not too bad for a state as insular in many ways & plagued by poverty as Maine is. Who would think that we would be more open-minded & accepting than a state which as seemingly libertine & sophisticated as California is?

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