What I Accept, What I Deny, and Random Facts about your Host

So it’s been some time since I’ve updated a blog regularly. Now that I have a few new followers, I want to go over some 101 stuff for people that have never used my blog before.

  1. I’m really relaxed. My blog isn’t a total free speech zone, but I like to err on the side of letting people speak.
  2. I am an SJW-free zone. Most people here are here because they care about justice, equality, and human dignity on some level. This is not the same as being an SJW, the people you see on Tumblr that ride your ass over your choice in pronouns, Disney movies, or hairstyle.
  3. I don’t expect people to be “nice” all the time, but I do expect logic and reasonably polite discussion. You don’t need to be timid or sickeningly sweet to be appropriate.
  4. I am politically and culturally all over the map. I have some very liberal views, some very conservative views and most of my views are moderate. I use a lot of sources that I, and probably many of you, disagree with. After all, just because they’re not like you doesn’t mean they’re wrong and even if they are, your position is stronger when you hear your enemy’s words straight from the horse’s mouth. I provide validation but I’m not an echo chamber. I feel that if you get all your news and opinion only from radical feminist sources, Jezebel, Buzzfeed, libertarian sources, or any other source, you’re just as indoctrinated as someone who only watches Faux News.
  5. I identify as a feminist, but some people, after reading my writing, would call me not a good feminist or even anti-feminist. So to eliminate confusion, this is my view of feminism. It’s a lens first and an identity second. I use a feminist lens to view my life and the world, but I do not necessarily adhere to all feminist positions (since feminists disagree all the time). As far as I’m concerned, if you agree that women should have all the same legal rights as men, if you exercise those rights and help other women do the same, you’re at least halfway feminist to me. And by women, I do mean members of the XX caste or intersex (NOT trans) equivalents.
  6. Insofar as I am feminist, I am a mixture of all different schools of feminist thought, but I draw mostly on socialist and libertarian feminist thought. I like Wendy McElroy and Cathy Brennan. Gee, living on the edge.
  7. I used to identify as a men’s rights activist, but I learned quickly how many of these men legitimately hate women and feminism and there was no way I was going to suck those dicks (or any dick, for that matter). However, I remain a big fan of Glen Sacks.
  8. I’m Roman Catholic and damn proud of it. I write about religion A LOT. And I’m protective of the Church…A LOT. I love priests and the pope…A LOT. I also love diversity and religious freedom A LOT, so don’t be shy, my non-Catholic peeps.

Oh, and don’t attack me or other posters. If you want to criticize my sources or critique on, say, domestic violence, please do so…with facts and reason. Calling me a woman-hating, rape apologist, dickweed that should die in a tire will get you absolutely nowhere. If that’s all you have, I will be forced to assume you have nothing more substantive to say and can’t challenge me…so…don’t do that please.

Basically I accept most stuff, don’t deny a whole lot, and will post trigger warnings or content notes as appropriate. Just as I want to be comfortable posting, I want my readers to be comfortable reading. Feel free to email me or leave a comment on my contact page if you have any issues.

Welcome, have fun.:)


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