Suicide Mission in Oklahoma: A New Low in the Bathroom Wars

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

Another day, another organization that I have to withdraw my support from because they’ve decided to take up All Trans, All the Time instead of the cause that, you know, their actual reason for being. Cue Americans United for Separation of Church and State with this gem here:

You know how reports have surfaced that women are being asked to leave sex-segregated areas to protect the rights of AGPs to get their freak on? Well, transactivists just took it a step further in Oklahoma. Now, women aren’t even allowed to leave…not for comfort, not for modesty, not for equal access, not for safety, and now…not even for religion. Jewish, Christian and Muslim females in Oklahoma are the latest casualties in Trans Warfare. Free speech and free association for women and lesbians were given the shaft long ago,and if the thrill of that violation of boundaries wasn’t enough, they are now going after the religious freedom rights of women AND men from conservative faiths. In a deep red state.

Can you say political suicide? Which would be fine if they weren’t dragging women and LGBs down with them.

According to the author, it’s an undue burden on the school to have gender neutral bathrooms AND build separate sex-specific facilities that bar access to transgender students. Except we don’t need to do that. We could keep facilities segregated and ask that people use the bathrooms that are designed for their birth sex. Or we could maintain women’s spaces and turn half of, or all of, men’s spaces into gender neutral options. But that would be too easy.

So you don’t want transgender students to be denied access. Well, hate to break it to you, but people do, in fact, have a right to not like you, not associate with you, and serve purposes that aren’t yours. Are you going to force the black student union to admit Asians because bigotry? Funnel federally funded low income resources to the wealthy because discrimination? That’s where we’re headed with this nonsense. If anyone was still in doubt, transactivists want to turn every last woman, and now man, into a prisoner. We can’t even leave now. We can’t even opt out. We can’t even ask. This is bad.

But wait…there’s good news…followed by terrible news. The religious right has a lot of clout down there and they’re not about to be pissed on like this. There will be an uproar, and it will be volcanic…unbelievably massive, hellacious, Mt. St. Helens volcanic.

The downside? We already know. Feminism and gay rights will be stalled, if we’re lucky, and reversed if not. Our parasitic relationship with T will put us in a position where we are taking the bullet for their excess.

As far as this battle specifically, what could happen? Well, more than likely, patents will take their daughters out of school. If their parents have means, they might have a chance at a decent education by going to private school or being homeschooled. Both of those options can put a serious dent in a family’s material and emotional resources even when said family HAS means. If the family doesn’t have means, the female student may end up with no education at all, and few opportunities to participate in public life. If a girl’s parents opt to homeschool for religious reasons, which is very likely, she will probably get a substandard and biased education, or possibly no education. Not Being in public school anymore, she will no longer have a chance to be exposed to feminists, the gay community, or anyone substantially different from her family, nor ideas other than her own. For an LGB child, or a GNC child, it’s a prisoner from which there is no real reprieve. If the family takes advantage of lack of homeschooling oversight to abuse or neglect their gay or gender variant child, there exists a real threat to the safety of these children.

But who cares, right?

And don’t get me started on the Constitution. Ever heard of the establishment clause? The free exercise clause? Thou shalt not engage in establishment of (transgenderist) religion, or prohibit the free exercise of (non transgenderist) thereof. And what about the 14th amendment…equal protection for born women? Ha! What about the ADA? Shouldn’t that cover psychiatric disability due to sexual trauma, and aren’t psych disabilities entitled to free and reasonable accommodations? Will women be forced to disclose the nature of their condition or the trauma that led to it? Will they be forced to prove that they really need those protections, and denied if they can’t, or won’t?

I think we need to change gears. Women’s rights might be kaput, but the First Amendment still has teeth. Maybe we should petition to have radical feminism declared a religion. Hey, if they can butcher Title IX the way they have, we can do this. After all, unlike transgender as science, radical feminism as religion has some truth to it.


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