Females in Foster Care: As usual, nobody gives a damn

I’ve been watching with great interest the developments in transactivism in the school populations. In particular, I am reminded of “Colleen” Francis, “Lila” Perry, and a male youth in Connecticut who “identifies” as female and was thus given free reign to terrorize actual females juveniles in state custody. I am all too familiar with “trans” kids and young boys on the path to autogynephilia. I am all too familiar with how people are treated when they challenge any of these trends.

Which brings me to another facet of activism that is desperately needed on behalf of women and girls: Foster care.

Young women in foster care are among the most vulnerable populations in our country. They suffer staggering levels of abuse, neglect, and exploitation, often sexual, often at the hands of men. Sometimes this continues even after they are placed in care, even though they were placed in care to begin with so they could escape this. At least 51% of all foster youths become pregnant by age 19, and many of those are repeat pregnancies. Most will not be adopted. Many will age out with no job, no money, next to no education and no family support. Foster youth often end up in prison, on welfare, on the streets, or in prostitution. Many continue to be trapped in the cycle of abuse that landed them in care by either abusing their own children or being abused by a partner. Many of them will end up being lesbian or bisexual. It’s hard to think of a population more vulnerable, less represented, more “screwed up” than teenage girls in care.

Will we get to the point where teenage boys are allowed to identify as girls in foster care and get scarce resources that should go to teenage mothers or employment opportunities for women leaving welfare or prostitution? Will they be housed in group homes or foster homes alongside biological females who have experienced rape and abuse? Even if the “transwoman” has a history of sexually aggressive and violent behavior? Will girls be asked to leave when they complain of threatening behavior from “transwomen?” Will “transphobia” be a greater insult than misogyny or dangerous behavior?

Then there are the parents. Foster parents are allowed to stipulate which sex they prefer and what kinds of behaviors they are willing/able to handle. If transactivists get their way, parents will no longer be able to stipulate that they only want biological females, or else they will be accused of homophobia. It won’t matter if you have a newborn daughter at home and the foster trans is a rapist. It won’t matter that you’re a single female, or disabled female, being asked to take on a “transwoman” that is six feet tall, twice your weight, and physically abusive. It won’t matter that you want to meet the unique needs of girls because “trans” girls are girls, even though they don’t get pregnant or sexually abused like girls because…they are not girls.

None of this has happened that I know of, but it’s coming if trans mania doesn’t stop. Why do people think it’s acceptable to conduct social engineering experiments on weak, non-consenting populations? It’s not. Foster parents, and especially foster teens, have a reasonable expectation of safety and having their needs met. None of these expectations will be met when trans become front and center. If it happens, foster parents should challenge it…but be aware, it could mean the loss of your license to foster. People have gotten death threats, attacked, fired, or doxxed for less.

I know that when I start fostering, I will not be taking any “transwomen” and I will have no problem explaining why. Society might think it’s alright to piss on female children, but I don’t and I don’t give a damn who has a problem with that.



  1. grumpyoldnurse · September 2, 2016

    The first transgirl that I met was in a foster family. She used to delight in flashing her penis at my daughter. 😦

    • joannadeadwinter · September 2, 2016

      Gee, I’m shocked! Mentally disturbed men and boys being allowed to access girls causes a problem?

      • grumpyoldnurse · September 2, 2016

        I know, right? I’ve certainly never heard of the like before in my very whole life! Not EVAH!eleventy!!

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