Q&A/Open Thread

Hi, guys!

I’m posting an open thread for you to post anything you want, or to ask me questions. Say or ask anything you like. No holds barred, don’t worry about being offensive.

Thank you, and look forward to hearing from you!



  1. Saye Bennett · July 21, 2016

    Hi joannadeadwinter, Good timing! Yes, I do have a question for you. I have been reading your blog and have seen interesting posts on Fat Acceptance.

    Although I have been (rather vaguely) aware of the movement, I must admit that I’ve never studied it in depth…because I have always been (and still am!) very critical of my own body (even though others tell me I am fine & not to worry!).

    I have religiously counted every calorie, exercised excessively, etc. ever since pre-adolescence, which has been a long time now, LOL.

    I still log every morsel that crosses my lips (just 5 minutes ago, I entered: “Sugar Free Popsickle, 15 calories” into my tracker. 15 calories, for goodness sakes…!?!?!?!).

    I exercise every day, and then spend the rest of the day worrying that I should have exercised MORE. I wear a device that tracks every step, and I won’t go to sleep until my daily goal (+100 or more) is reached.

    My point is, ANY acceptance of my body has been, and still is, unthinkable to me, much less Fat Acceptance, so I find myself fascinated with the concept, not just for my own sake, but for girls/women everywhere ~ we are using far too much emotional, physical and mental energy on calories and exercise, when we could be changing the world instead.

    I am seeking balance, moderation and acceptance in my life now, but I have to admit am finding the transition from obsession to acceptance is rockier than I’d imagined it would be (old habits die hard!).

    Anyway, that is my long-winded way of asking: Do you have any recommendations for good books/websites/resources for body image? I recently re-read Fat Is A Feminist Issue, and it was interesting to read it again now that I’m older and (hopefully) wiser.

    Thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • joannadeadwinter · July 21, 2016

      I will gladly answer in depth when I get out of work in a couple hours! FA is definitely a process and few people get exposed in their lifetime and even fewer can honestly say they’ve never dieted (I am one of the lucky few). I have some great analogies from the feminist/pro-choice movement and the disability rights movement that help illustrate my point too.:)

      If you come up with more questions, definitely ask! Any thoughts on my latest post on bisexuality?

      Thanks so much for visiting and I can’t wait to share my resources!

  2. joannadeadwinter · July 22, 2016

    Wtf, I had a really long comment and WP ate it…ugh…be back soon

  3. joannadeadwinter · July 22, 2016

    Okay, I’ll try again and this time, I will split the comments up.

    The link above you from the WP talks about Cholesterol, as does this link: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/cholesterol-u-turn-as-research-shows-fatty-foods-might-not-be-bad-for-us-after-all-10277837.html

    You may also want to check out The Great Cholesterol Con by Malcolm Kendrick.

  4. joannadeadwinter · July 22, 2016

    Three good books: Linda Bacon has both a book AND a website called Health at Every Size. Can sometimes stray into healthism, but is still great for newcomers.

    Fat! So? By Marilyn Wann debunking myths and negative ideas about fat people

    The Obesity Myth by Paul Campos is another great beginner book. Campos has some “soft” sexist beliefs and sometimes tries to insert political rants into his work, including a rant where he blames no-fault divorce for an obsession with youth and thinness. He is another one that can stray into healthism but still a great introduction.

  5. joannadeadwinter · July 22, 2016

    Amy Tuteur is a retired doctor (OB/GYN) and health skeptic. Here is her food for thought:

  6. joannadeadwinter · July 22, 2016

    Junk Food is a blog (now archive๐Ÿ˜ญ) written by Sandy Szwarc, a nurse, nutrition expert and skeptical. Wealth of information…while there, start searching with yo-yo dieting, Karen Stimson and the Fat Underground, low-fat diets, and my favorite…The Minnesota Starvation Experiment. Chilling stuff.

    Orthorexia.com discusses the mental health aspect of our cultural obsession with “healthy” eating.

  7. joannadeadwinter · July 22, 2016

    Diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar OR by Obesity:

    • Saye Bennett · July 22, 2016

      Wow ~ thanks so much! Lots of information; I will certainly explore it all! I appreciate your thoughtful replies…enough for a whole post! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • joannadeadwinter · July 22, 2016

        I have more thoughts on this topic, but I’ve decided to make that it’s own post.;)

      • Saye Bennett · July 22, 2016

        Good idea! And thanks again!

  8. joannadeadwinter · July 22, 2016
  9. Saye Bennett · August 20, 2016

    Still working my way through your resources/info. Lots to consider; thanks again!

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