Mutiny On Lesbo Island



  1. William Morton · September 26, 2016

    I would say that Bi-sexual Females are a closer match to Lesbians than Gay Men. I really do not understand why even the L & G got linked together. The online Lesbian Community does not seem to advertise body objectifications, fetishs, porno issues, behavioral affects, fat-phobias and other issues like the Online Gay Community.

    • Saye Bennett · September 26, 2016

      I think the initial reasons for linking the L & the G (and eventually all the other letters) was the whole “strength in numbers” idea, which initially likely seemed like, at least on the surface, a good idea; but there are definitely different issues/needs between all the letters of the acronym, so still lumping us all together makes less sense now than it probably did at first. Gay male culture and lesbian culture does indeed have some significant differences (as well as some similar issues).

      • William Morton · September 26, 2016

        I am part of the Fat Acceptance Community and all you see online are Fetish and Porno material about Fat Women and Fetish and Porno material about Gay Men.

        You see very little of the this Fetish and Porno material being created about Lesbians (unless it is for Heterosexual men), Cis-women who like fat men do not seem ovrtly objectify fat men and Trans-men do not seen to create fetish and porn material about themselves or who they are attracted to. .

      • Saye Bennett · September 27, 2016

        Interesting observation…I didn’t know that….thanks!

  2. grumpyoldnurse · September 27, 2016

    I’m not sure that lesbians benefit in any way from including the G and B, except for the ‘strength in numbers’ thing. Other than that? Not a lot of commonality. Maybe the only notable exceptions are bi women who are partnered with lesbians. I’ve been partnered with a man for 20ish years now, and I would feel like I was intruding if I went into a lesbian space.

  3. romantepner · October 4, 2016

    Do you feel similarly intrusive on mixed les/gay space?

    The original reason for lesbians making ‘common cause’ with gay men was the greater access to resources, both financial and for places to meet. Now that this is much less the case (if at all), I too wonder why some lesbians choose to “remain with us”. Of course, in the meantime, some of us have formed close personal friendships, but I don’t see that those would be too threatened by our political separation.

    BTW, I really do mean you “remaining with us”, not at all “us remaining with you”. Particularly in the 1980s, lesbians worked their asses off collecting money for HIV/AIDS treatment and research. I suppose you would have to drag up quite convincingly to reproduce my experience of trying to get money out of gay men for breast cancer. Not a rewarding experience, in any sense.

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