So I left a comment on a friend’s Facebook under a photo of her in a pantsuit. I liked the photo and left the following comment. 

“Love it! Meanwhile I am wearing dirty work clothes…the kind real working women wear, not porn star clothes that Trump wish we wore.”

To me, that’s pretty straightforward to anyone with any hint of imagination or subtlety and who doesn’t have a stick up her ass. But in case it’s still not clear, let me spell it out. 

This is the timeline of a friend who has known me for years and who A: knows I am working class and B: knows I work in what can be a hard, dirty job. So it was intended mainly for her, to be understood by her, not just anyone.

More importantly, I was trying to send the message that, as much as some powerful men may not like it, women are hard workers with brains and a set of priorities that don’t include men’s boners. And since I couldn’t wear a white pant suit, I am offering up my now dirty work clothes as a tribute to the driven women of our feminist past and women everywhere that want to stop Trump and what he stands for. 

Well, this is a response I got from JB:

“Real women wear dirty work clothes?” 

I’ll just leave that there.

Exhibit 1001-A why I hate the American “left.” 



  1. Saye Bennett · November 8, 2016

    Your title…SIGH…sums up my feelings!

  2. grumpyoldnurse · November 8, 2016

    “Real women wear dirty work clothes?”


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