America Sold Its Soul to Satan Today

Reposted from my comment on Purple Sage’s blog:

So against all common sense and decency, against all *pretense* of those traits…Trump became president.

As much as this might surprise people, I have friends and family who are Trump supporters and I don’t hate them, and I’m not mad at them.

No, I’m mad at the American so-called left.

Pandering, useless, no principles or vision, stupid in a way that defies explanation and cowardly to boot.

They should have known what was at stake. They should have known this wasn’t just any election. In a typical Republican vs. Democrat election, I am a strong proponent of not voting, doing a write-in, or voting third-party. But there is a time and place for everything and given the obvious and grave danger Trump poses, this was NOT the time to take a risky protest. But no, they refused to take one for the team and instead whined and stomped their feet, took their ball and went home.

They insisted, dearly wanted to believe, despite every ounce of evidence to the contrary, that Hillary was just as bad as Trump, that they were equal evils. Never mind that Hillary does not brag about committing assault or destroying civilizations, or stalk and harass her opponents. Never mind she has education and experience that puts most people on this planet to shame, even if we don’t like what she did with it…while Trump had nothing. Never mind the good that Hillary did, even if she also did wrong, while Trump contributed absolutely nothing to society. No, somehow, Hillary’s knowledge and experience is comparable, in these people’s minds, to a reality TV show star with a bad case of arrested development and a personality disorder.

Because Bernie! Because OMG Bill Clinton sex scandal! Because Hillary not likeable!

Never mind that Trump had the support of neo-Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists and did nothing to discourage them and, instead, pandered to and enabled them.

Never mind that the majority of Trump’s statements are proven lies.

Never mind that every single living ex-president, including two dedicated Republicans and their wives, voted Hillary and/or begged people not to vote for Trump.

Never mind that leading conservative GOP supporters denounced Trump, left the party, and voted Hillary.

And here is what chills me to the bone as a practicing Catholic: Numerous Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and evangelical leaders thought Trump so vile that they virulently opposed him, publicly compared him to Satan and his supporters to idolaters. They hated Trump so much they voted Hillary, third party, or not at all, and urged their base to do the same. And these weren’t necessarily liberals either. They were men as conservative as Matt Walsh from The Blaze and pastor Max Lucado. And apparently Trump has threatened them for opposing him.

And people refuse to see the sexism of it all. Every time someone criticized Obama they beat the ‘racist’ trope like a drum. But no matter how obviously, violently sexist Trump and his supporters behaved…liberals, especially FEMALE liberals, refused to vote for Hillary, to vote for their own sex and their own interests, refused to do whatever was in their power to make sure Trump never had power over American women.

Then again, what can you expect from a group of people who think Laverne Cox and Brucilla deserved “Woman of the Year?”



  1. purplesagefem · November 9, 2016

    I’m terrified. Even here in Canada we’re all talking about it, some of us are crying.

  2. Saye Bennett · November 9, 2016

    I am also terrified. Also horrified, bewildered, hurt, angry, disillusioned, disappointed, worried, disgusted, and heartbroken. I almost started crying at work today, and I almost never cry. This is a dark, dark time in history.

  3. grumpyoldnurse · November 10, 2016

    In agreement with most of your points. I am very disappointed in the US left, but I am deeply angry at people who voted for Trump. I don’t care how they paint it, they chose evil.

  4. k.jane · November 11, 2016

    I agree about the “racist” trope every time someone criticized Obama. Not to say that there was never any racism against him—I think the obsession with his birth certificate was at least partially fueled by racism. But some people started acting like the only people who ever criticized him on anything were racists.

    It should baffle the mind that the liberals can’t recognize their own sexism, but it doesn’t. It’s the same old shit that always happens. Like the right, the left has a real problem with females/women and girls.

    Clinton wasn’t my first choice of candidate, and there are things I disagree with her on, and yes she definitely had some baggage, but she is so, so much better than Trump. I watched the “Adam Ruins Everything Election Special” and he pointed out that not only was the US so behind other countries when it came to women in any kind of office, but now a major party has nominated a woman for president and everyone hates her.

    I also think a lot of people just assumed she would win and so didn’t vote or didn’t campaign for her in the way they did for Obama. I voted for Clinton because in spite of disagreeing with her on some things, I was still in more agreement with her than Trump and I also really didn’t want Trump to have access to nuclear weapons. Not to mention, Trump is the biggest flip-flopper ever and so much more of his ideas have been proven to be factually untrue than with Hilary Clinton.

    And can I say how much I hate the electoral college? Presidential candidates are basically campaigning to be president of Ohio and Florida, or whatever the hot new swing state is and they ignore the rest of us. My home state is usually center-right and goes Republican. That means that the Republican candidates don’t give a crap about us because it’s a sure thing they will win, and the Democrats don’t give a crap either because the odds of them wining are low. The state I live in most of the time right now was a blue state this time, but I think we only have 5 or 6 electoral votes, so no one cares.

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