Trump-Inspired Racism: My Deepest Condemnation 

I’m one of those people…I went through a phase where I wanted to support Trump over the issue of immigration. While I am very supportive of legal immigrants, residents, and visitors, I have been a staunch opponent of open borders going on a decade now. I support several organizations that oppose illegal immigration. I realize this probably vastly differs from the views of most of my readership but I wanted to lay it on the table.

That said, I quickly dumped Trump for too many reasons to count, and one of them was his shameful treatment of immigrants, particularly Latin Americans and Muslims. 

Well, apparently, a large minority of Americans were more than happy to jump on Trump’s bandwagon and those that opposed…didn’t oppose loudly enough. 

So I’m going to state loud and clear…these people do not represent me, my values or my agenda.

I guess Trump supporters, on Trump’s very first day, have been emboldened to do the following:

-Threaten Hispanics with deportation and demand to see their green cards

-Tell Hispanics and Muslims that the wolves have tasted blood and now they’re being hunted

-Tell legal citizens and residents to get the f*** out

-Write anti-Semitic graffiti

-Leave threatening messages to black Americans, using racial slurs and pictures depicting acts of lynching

-Physically and sexually assaulting women, referring to women as cunts and telling women they should be afraid 

-White men threatening women and racial minorities that “now Trump is presdent, I can do what I want because I’m white/a man!”

That’s by no means an exhaustive list.

Guess what? I will never enable or promote that kind of gutter filth in my life, online or offline. Anyone who behaves like this or makes excuses for this behavior should be ashamed. I will never accept money or endorsements from these people. I will never endorse excessive, discriminatory, or cruel policies or regimes because of a “crisis” or for any other reason. I will never accept evil means to achieve an end, nor will I be intimidated into doing so.

I quite simply will not be intimidated and I will not allow my friends, nor family, nor supporters, nor worthy opponents to be intimidated. 

Sorry, this immigration reform activist is saying, loud and proud…bigots, you’re fired.


One comment

  1. Saye Bennett · November 10, 2016

    Reprehensible! And the harassment is starting up against Lesbians too; “Dike” was scratched onto a FB friend’s car. (It’s “Dyke”…IDIOT! At least SPELL your insults correctly…MORON!). 😦

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