Don’t Ask Me for S***

If I see one more equivocating, rationalizing, *simpering* call for unity on Facebook, I just might scream.

You know what else makes me want to scream? All the panderers trying to mediate, saying, “There, there, both candidates had flaws/were narcissists/not what the people wanted/insert whine here. Both parties are wrong. People are tired of business as usual and we need to change for them.”


I hate to tell you…but if the people really cared about doing away with business as usual…Trump wouldn’t have won. It absolutely was business as usual, and the people clearly were okay with that.

Think about it. Liberals did what they always do…stomp their feet. Cut off their noses to spite their faces. Meanwhile conservatives did what *they* always do. Hate Clinton. Kiss the ass of the Republican party. Sell their souls to Satan to MAYBE achieve narrow political goals, as evidenced by faith leaders telling congregants that if you don’t vote Trump, you’re voting Hillary, who is pro-abortion (teh worstestest sin ever) and you’re going to hell if she wins. 

If anyone really wanted to protest business as usual, they would have, you know, done something different. Liberals might actually sacrifice something and realize elections aren’t games or statements, they affect real lives. Conservatives might have chosen to speak truth to power rather than worship it, to stop being single-issue voters and get over their grudges.

They didn’t. 

And what does it all come down to?

America handed over the fate of the free world to an ignorant, loose cannon sociopath and gave him nuclear weapons. People voted for Trump. And even larger numbers didn’t vote at all, or couldn’t get over their grudges against Hillary and decided that other people’s survival was an acceptable gamble in service of that grudge. And I find that reprehensible.

I support not voting, doing write-ins, or voting third party under ordinary circumstances, especially during the primaries. I don’t like politics as usual. But there’s a time and place.

November 8th in 2016 was not it.

And now people are complaining that Trump won, many of whom did nothing to prevent it.

Not liking or preferring Hillary is one thing…but outright hating her, especially for reasons that are mostly bogus and often rooted in sexism? Refusing to see her many strengths and good deeds? Honestly not seeing the difference between her and a man who has never done public service, lives a life of vice, and who boasts openly about committing assault, his love of torture and murder, and who plans to restrict the civil liberties of vulnerable Americans?

Okay, go home. Don’t talk to me right now. Stay far away from me.

And don’t ask me for shit. Especially a false unity or false equivalence. You’ll accomplish more pissing in the wind. 



  1. dépaysement · November 11, 2016

    There’s even a “we should stand with the trans” bit of nonsense on GC, as if the misogyist cross-dressers give a flying fuck about women or ever will.

    • joannadeadwinter · November 11, 2016

      Funny…the only minority Trump hasn’t targeted…

      • dépaysement · November 11, 2016

        And who he’s quite happy to buddy up with if they’re rich enough. Even he knows they’re sexual predators, just like him.

      • joannadeadwinter · November 11, 2016

        Apparently women are now being asked, on Facebook, to get scripts for drugs for transwomen since, oh no! It might be harder to get hormones now. Guess how many transwomen are paying for medications for women? Yup, zero.

      • dépaysement · November 11, 2016

        They can all just fuck off forever. I’m sick to death of these men. Moreso since I had to have actually medically necessary surgery.

      • Ali-in-NYC · July 28

        Why would Trumpette our pet ever go after transes? They are men, after all…same reason why they’ve managed to make more “progress,” whoops, I mean trash more rights and protections for women and girls, than all of LGB has in 30-some-plus years. Rights for dudes is sweeeet! Rights for the rest, ehhh, screw it.

  2. Saye Bennett · November 11, 2016

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!

  3. thedirtfromdirt · November 11, 2016

    Interesting. I am working on a post entitled Its not Personal-Its just Business.

  4. Saye Bennett · November 11, 2016

    Wanted to add: Thank you for cutting through the BS, as usual. I swear, I am beyond SICK of all of the simpering, whiny, placating, condescending, know-it-all, ignorant, naive, “be nice!”, sniveling comments, memes, etc. on social media.

    What is happening is not okay, and I am not going to pretend it is.

    I am losing MANY followers on Twitter, and have lost so-called “friends” on FB and I am finding that I am actually happy to see them go. Good riddance to people who would support Trump, even tangentially, or who would tell us to shut up and get along. It’s too late for that.

  5. k.jane · November 12, 2016

    I briefly considered voting for a third party candidate, but then realized that I didn’t agree with them significantly more than Clinton. Realistically, we’re not going to get someone with radical feminist views who actually cares about lesbians anytime soon.

    So, I voted for Clinton. I split my time living in two different states, so I voted in my home state where I’m still registered to vote, which went for Trump because it’s a red state. Still, I feel it was better to vote for her. Besides, voting isn’t all that difficult. I registered to vote about a month before I turned 18 (you’re allowed to do that, but you just can’t vote in any election until you actually are 18). I absentee balloted and mailed it in.

    I guess my point is, I agree that liberals really shouldn’t have picked this time to be divisive. I do support the US having more than two political parties and I think that stronger third-party candidates like Stein and Johnson should be allowed to participate in presidential debates. That said, I still supported Clinton because she had a chance of beating Trump. She does have some baggage, but is still a much better person than him. While I do think it’s good to get new people involved in office, just because you are new doesn’t automatically mean you will be better. The office of the president should go to someone who at least has a little political experience.

    I also don’t get how voting for Trump is anti-establishment. Yes, he is not a politician, but he is an old, white, man who is a billionaire. Definition of privilege right there. More importantly, it’s not only privilege, but he uses his position to actively harm other people. Clinton also comes from a more privileged position too, but at least she seems to want to do the right thing and did not run her campaign based on racial tension and xenophobia. Clinton is also a good example of how no matter how much money and political power you have, you’ll still be trashed for being a woman.

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