Immigrants, I’m Sorry…

I’m sorry. 

I didn’t vote for the monster that is our president-elect, but I considered it in the beginning. I quickly decided against that choice.  

Why did I want to vote Trump? I was inspired by Brexit. I was inspired by the rhetoric of people such as Nigel Farage. I don’t like th EU. I support isolationism and national sovereignty. I believe that illegal immigration, and unchecked legal immigration, are real and serious problems. I don’t like the dishonest rhetoric surrounding immigration. I feel that in addition to hurting Americans, our current system endangers immigrants and really only benefits big  business and big politics, who are all too eager to exploit immigrants and native/naturalized Americans.I really just want our borders and immigration laws to mean something and to be applied equitably.

This isn’t a side issue for me either, it’s something about which I am deeply passionate. I used to have no problem with any kind of immigration and a few years ago, I had a shift in perspective. I know all sides all too well.
So why not Trump, champion of “real,” working class Americans and rural folk like me?

Because Trump wasn’t a vote for sensible, legal, bipartisan reform, something that would respect civil and human rights. It was a vote for rank white nationalism, anti-Semitism, every kind of bigotry imaginable, blind hatred and controllable rage.

I am the child of immigrants. I have immigrant friends. I’ve spent my whole life believing in, and promoting, pacifism, cultural exchange, and service to vulnerable populations, including refugees, asylees and political prisoners. Trunp and his supporters don’t stand for any of those qualities and indeed demean and oppose them. 

You will never convince me that there is no room for amnesty. You will never convince me that inhumane amd indefinite detention of immigrants, including women, children, and elderly, is necessary or morally acceptable. You will never convince me that our problems are totally or even primarily the fault of immigrants. The very thought is laughable.

The least prejudiced and dangerous of these people think there should be a quota for members of certain ethnicities and religions (think Muslim registries) or to ban these populations entirely, a proposition that is entirely unAmerican.

It gets worse.

Trump openly promotes torture, warfare, and classic law-n-order police statism. How could I ever, with any conscience, with any integrity, hand over some of society’s most vulnerable people over to a monster? 

Let it be known I will not stand by as people are harassed, endangered or have their rights stripped away. I will stand with you and I will protect you. I will speak truth to would-be exploiters of principles like mine and to those who just won’t see reason. Even if it costs me relationships. 

We were made for these times. Show the world, and your maker, what you are made of. 

Immigration reform still matters very much to me. But it’s far from being my most important concern right now.

And nothing on Earth, in Heaven, or Hell could convince me to elect Trump. The devil can bargain all he wants, you could never put a price on my soul. America’s soul.



  1. Saye Bennett · November 27, 2016

    Trump in charge is a truly frightening prospect.

  2. JESSY ROSE · November 28, 2016

    Powerful words!

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