Social Justice Our Way

‘Dead of Winter’ started in 2010 as a fat acceptance and social justice blog with slices of my life in between. In addition, I spend much of my spare time fighting healthism in the fat acceptance movement and the culture at large. I joined both the Fat Liberation and Fatosphere feeds and have since made it my mission to deliver bitter cold truth and bitter cold commentary (hence the name Dead of Winter).

Two years later, I added another member of my team, a 32-year veteran of fat acceptance and anti-healthist activism, Patsy Nevins. Both native New Englanders, it is our mission to write about our lives in our own voice and do to social justice our way.

Nature of Blog Content

‘Dead of Winter’ is primarily dedicated to fat acceptance, as well as health and lifestyle issues from an anti-healthist perspective. We are proud to admit that we are inspired by the work of Sandy Szwarc and the women of the Fat Underground. We reject government intervention to coerce people into leading politically correct lifestyles. We reject most conventional wisdom on what it means to be healthy and the moral imperative to live up to healthful standards. We are supporters of radical fat liberation and do not believe in making concessions or compromises with those that promote fat-hating or healthist agendas.

In addition, either I or Patsy might write about religion, child care or child abuse, art, culture, animals, disability, or human rights and political topics that are unrelated to fat or health. We will write about anything and everything that strikes our fancy.

We strive to be respectful of other ideas and our visitors, but ultimately, we will err on the side of speaking truth, in our own way, as we see it. It might not agree with your wordview and we might not use widely accepted politically correct language. Some of the content might be offensive or triggering (with appropriate warnings, of course.) Regardless of your persuasion, if you follow the rules, we will be happy to have you.

If you want to read content specific to Roman Catholicism, visit me at the Catholic Inferno.

About Joanna:

The best way to get to know me is to read and comment on my blog, but here are some items for context.

I am:

  • a native of New Hampshire who now lives in Maine
  • a devoted scholar
  • handicapped
  • lover of science
  • someone who loves to write and research
  • a normal-weight deathfat
  • non-healthist
  • politically incorrect
  • politically moderate
  • someone with a huge range of hobbies and interests
  • an intellectual
  • silly
  • introverted
  • an adult convert to Roman Catholicism
  • Unmarried (at least for now)
  • Childless (at least for now)
  • Dedicated to the visual and performing arts
  • Politically active

Contact me at:

About Patsy Nevins

I am:

  • Fat and disabled
  • A senior citizen
  • A mother and grandmother
  • A lower-middle class native of Maine
  • 32-year veteran of fat rights activism
  • Staunch anti-healthist
  • A survivor

Now that you know us, we hope to get to know you through your comments. Welcome to Dead of Winter.:)



  1. Jay · December 30, 2010

    You have a wonderful Blog. I have been thinking about Catholicism for sometime, I am at a spiritual crossroads one might say. Thnaks for the great links. Have a Happy New Year.

    Best Regards,


  2. William Rohtert · April 9, 2012

    We are Martin Luther King, and this is the Edmund Petus Bridge. It’s all about discrimination, illegal persecution, and prosecution, contrary to the intent of the constitution. And it is our JOB to defeat this segregation. The last taboo. Let’s get off our lazy asses and get to work. Now. There’s going to be dogs and tear gas, tasers, and lock-up. They are going to arrest us and put us in jail. We are criminal freaks, and they would like us to go silently to the place where “Work Shall Set You Free”. This is serious. Anyone out there who has not been f&%$#d with?

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