My Blog, My Rules

No advocating violent or illegal activity.

No promotion of weight loss, weight loss products/programs, or weight loss surgery. This is a fat acceptance blog and we aren’t interested in changing our weight. I also do not want to hear comments promoting cures for obesity, even if the cure is not about blaming the fat person for being fat, dieting, or surgery. This constitutes soft-core fat hatred, regardless of whether it is intended that way.

Personal attacks on me or other commentators will not be tolerated. Trolls will be banned in short order.

No insults directed at any type of body. We will sometimes discuss health or other disparities with regard to different bodies, but insults directed at people’s bodies are not welcome here.

No healthism. This means no shaming those who have health problems or who lead unhealthy lifestyles. Don’t make generalizations about them or give them unsolicited medical or lifestyle advice.

Feel free to comment on old posts. I will also comment you back.

While I’m not particular about the education you must have before commenting here, it’s hugely helpful for you to have some basic knowledge before doing so. I love providing links and answering questions.:) Specifically, if you are new to fat acceptance, I would direct you to Big Fat Facts and Junkfood Science in my blogroll. Paul Campos’ book The Obesity Myth: Why America’s Obsession with Weight is Bad for Your Health is another good start.

When responding to something, read through it carefully first.

Address the argument, please. Don’t attack the person.

No reactionary behavior. There is no need to assume that those that disagree with you are trolls or making personal attacks against you. Take a deep breath and consider all possible interpretations.

I don’t want people making inflammatory remarks just because they can. Use your judgment and don’t say anything that is obviously intentionally offensive. In other words, if you want to come onto my blog claiming that the Holocaust was a fake Jewish conspiracy, the door is that way.

If you have personal preferences that you would like respected, let me know. For example, if you, personally, would like to be called a person with disabilities and not a disabled person, I would be happy to accomodate you. Just comment on my Suggestions page.

If you want me to write about something or include prayers, incantations, or intentions on my blog, let me know on the Suggestions page. I would love to.

If you want to re-blog something or borrow something from me, just ask and make sure you give me credit.:)

I absolutely will not allow comments that incite violence of any kind, including “justifiable” violence. It is not uncommon for me to find comments that brag about beating bullies with belts, castrating abusive men, etc. on social justice blogs. Those comments will not be acceptable here, even if made in a joking way. Trauma survivors come to my blog and part of my mission is to educate and reduce violence. As such, comments such as the above will not be published.

Happy commenting and come again!


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