Immigrants, I’m Sorry…

I’m sorry. 

I didn’t vote for the monster that is our president-elect, but I considered it in the beginning. I quickly decided against that choice.  

Why did I want to vote Trump? I was inspired by Brexit. I was inspired by the rhetoric of people such as Nigel Farage. I don’t like th EU. I support isolationism and national sovereignty. I believe that illegal immigration, and unchecked legal immigration, are real and serious problems. I don’t like the dishonest rhetoric surrounding immigration. I feel that in addition to hurting Americans, our current system endangers immigrants and really only benefits big  business and big politics, who are all too eager to exploit immigrants and native/naturalized Americans.I really just want our borders and immigration laws to mean something and to be applied equitably.

This isn’t a side issue for me either, it’s something about which I am deeply passionate. I used to have no problem with any kind of immigration and a few years ago, I had a shift in perspective. I know all sides all too well.
So why not Trump, champion of “real,” working class Americans and rural folk like me?

Because Trump wasn’t a vote for sensible, legal, bipartisan reform, something that would respect civil and human rights. It was a vote for rank white nationalism, anti-Semitism, every kind of bigotry imaginable, blind hatred and controllable rage.

I am the child of immigrants. I have immigrant friends. I’ve spent my whole life believing in, and promoting, pacifism, cultural exchange, and service to vulnerable populations, including refugees, asylees and political prisoners. Trunp and his supporters don’t stand for any of those qualities and indeed demean and oppose them. 

You will never convince me that there is no room for amnesty. You will never convince me that inhumane amd indefinite detention of immigrants, including women, children, and elderly, is necessary or morally acceptable. You will never convince me that our problems are totally or even primarily the fault of immigrants. The very thought is laughable.

The least prejudiced and dangerous of these people think there should be a quota for members of certain ethnicities and religions (think Muslim registries) or to ban these populations entirely, a proposition that is entirely unAmerican.

It gets worse.

Trump openly promotes torture, warfare, and classic law-n-order police statism. How could I ever, with any conscience, with any integrity, hand over some of society’s most vulnerable people over to a monster? 

Let it be known I will not stand by as people are harassed, endangered or have their rights stripped away. I will stand with you and I will protect you. I will speak truth to would-be exploiters of principles like mine and to those who just won’t see reason. Even if it costs me relationships. 

We were made for these times. Show the world, and your maker, what you are made of. 

Immigration reform still matters very much to me. But it’s far from being my most important concern right now.

And nothing on Earth, in Heaven, or Hell could convince me to elect Trump. The devil can bargain all he wants, you could never put a price on my soul. America’s soul.


My Opinion of Your “Theories” on How We Lost

This summarizes my thoughts on the crap theories as to why we lost…when it’s really very simple. Saw in on Forensic Files, it cracked me up, and if you change some of the words and make it about the election…it’s perfect.

All the commentators blaming Hillary, the DNC, everyone but the voters…they really didn’t theorize shit.

Don’t Ask Me for S***

If I see one more equivocating, rationalizing, *simpering* call for unity on Facebook, I just might scream.

You know what else makes me want to scream? All the panderers trying to mediate, saying, “There, there, both candidates had flaws/were narcissists/not what the people wanted/insert whine here. Both parties are wrong. People are tired of business as usual and we need to change for them.”


I hate to tell you…but if the people really cared about doing away with business as usual…Trump wouldn’t have won. It absolutely was business as usual, and the people clearly were okay with that.

Think about it. Liberals did what they always do…stomp their feet. Cut off their noses to spite their faces. Meanwhile conservatives did what *they* always do. Hate Clinton. Kiss the ass of the Republican party. Sell their souls to Satan to MAYBE achieve narrow political goals, as evidenced by faith leaders telling congregants that if you don’t vote Trump, you’re voting Hillary, who is pro-abortion (teh worstestest sin ever) and you’re going to hell if she wins. 

If anyone really wanted to protest business as usual, they would have, you know, done something different. Liberals might actually sacrifice something and realize elections aren’t games or statements, they affect real lives. Conservatives might have chosen to speak truth to power rather than worship it, to stop being single-issue voters and get over their grudges.

They didn’t. 

And what does it all come down to?

America handed over the fate of the free world to an ignorant, loose cannon sociopath and gave him nuclear weapons. People voted for Trump. And even larger numbers didn’t vote at all, or couldn’t get over their grudges against Hillary and decided that other people’s survival was an acceptable gamble in service of that grudge. And I find that reprehensible.

I support not voting, doing write-ins, or voting third party under ordinary circumstances, especially during the primaries. I don’t like politics as usual. But there’s a time and place.

November 8th in 2016 was not it.

And now people are complaining that Trump won, many of whom did nothing to prevent it.

Not liking or preferring Hillary is one thing…but outright hating her, especially for reasons that are mostly bogus and often rooted in sexism? Refusing to see her many strengths and good deeds? Honestly not seeing the difference between her and a man who has never done public service, lives a life of vice, and who boasts openly about committing assault, his love of torture and murder, and who plans to restrict the civil liberties of vulnerable Americans?

Okay, go home. Don’t talk to me right now. Stay far away from me.

And don’t ask me for shit. Especially a false unity or false equivalence. You’ll accomplish more pissing in the wind. 

Trump-Inspired Racism: My Deepest Condemnation 

I’m one of those people…I went through a phase where I wanted to support Trump over the issue of immigration. While I am very supportive of legal immigrants, residents, and visitors, I have been a staunch opponent of open borders going on a decade now. I support several organizations that oppose illegal immigration. I realize this probably vastly differs from the views of most of my readership but I wanted to lay it on the table.

That said, I quickly dumped Trump for too many reasons to count, and one of them was his shameful treatment of immigrants, particularly Latin Americans and Muslims. 

Well, apparently, a large minority of Americans were more than happy to jump on Trump’s bandwagon and those that opposed…didn’t oppose loudly enough. 

So I’m going to state loud and clear…these people do not represent me, my values or my agenda.

I guess Trump supporters, on Trump’s very first day, have been emboldened to do the following:

-Threaten Hispanics with deportation and demand to see their green cards

-Tell Hispanics and Muslims that the wolves have tasted blood and now they’re being hunted

-Tell legal citizens and residents to get the f*** out

-Write anti-Semitic graffiti

-Leave threatening messages to black Americans, using racial slurs and pictures depicting acts of lynching

-Physically and sexually assaulting women, referring to women as cunts and telling women they should be afraid 

-White men threatening women and racial minorities that “now Trump is presdent, I can do what I want because I’m white/a man!”

That’s by no means an exhaustive list.

Guess what? I will never enable or promote that kind of gutter filth in my life, online or offline. Anyone who behaves like this or makes excuses for this behavior should be ashamed. I will never accept money or endorsements from these people. I will never endorse excessive, discriminatory, or cruel policies or regimes because of a “crisis” or for any other reason. I will never accept evil means to achieve an end, nor will I be intimidated into doing so.

I quite simply will not be intimidated and I will not allow my friends, nor family, nor supporters, nor worthy opponents to be intimidated. 

Sorry, this immigration reform activist is saying, loud and proud…bigots, you’re fired.

America Sold Its Soul to Satan Today

Reposted from my comment on Purple Sage’s blog:

So against all common sense and decency, against all *pretense* of those traits…Trump became president.

As much as this might surprise people, I have friends and family who are Trump supporters and I don’t hate them, and I’m not mad at them.

No, I’m mad at the American so-called left.

Pandering, useless, no principles or vision, stupid in a way that defies explanation and cowardly to boot.

They should have known what was at stake. They should have known this wasn’t just any election. In a typical Republican vs. Democrat election, I am a strong proponent of not voting, doing a write-in, or voting third-party. But there is a time and place for everything and given the obvious and grave danger Trump poses, this was NOT the time to take a risky protest. But no, they refused to take one for the team and instead whined and stomped their feet, took their ball and went home.

They insisted, dearly wanted to believe, despite every ounce of evidence to the contrary, that Hillary was just as bad as Trump, that they were equal evils. Never mind that Hillary does not brag about committing assault or destroying civilizations, or stalk and harass her opponents. Never mind she has education and experience that puts most people on this planet to shame, even if we don’t like what she did with it…while Trump had nothing. Never mind the good that Hillary did, even if she also did wrong, while Trump contributed absolutely nothing to society. No, somehow, Hillary’s knowledge and experience is comparable, in these people’s minds, to a reality TV show star with a bad case of arrested development and a personality disorder.

Because Bernie! Because OMG Bill Clinton sex scandal! Because Hillary not likeable!

Never mind that Trump had the support of neo-Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists and did nothing to discourage them and, instead, pandered to and enabled them.

Never mind that the majority of Trump’s statements are proven lies.

Never mind that every single living ex-president, including two dedicated Republicans and their wives, voted Hillary and/or begged people not to vote for Trump.

Never mind that leading conservative GOP supporters denounced Trump, left the party, and voted Hillary.

And here is what chills me to the bone as a practicing Catholic: Numerous Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and evangelical leaders thought Trump so vile that they virulently opposed him, publicly compared him to Satan and his supporters to idolaters. They hated Trump so much they voted Hillary, third party, or not at all, and urged their base to do the same. And these weren’t necessarily liberals either. They were men as conservative as Matt Walsh from The Blaze and pastor Max Lucado. And apparently Trump has threatened them for opposing him.

And people refuse to see the sexism of it all. Every time someone criticized Obama they beat the ‘racist’ trope like a drum. But no matter how obviously, violently sexist Trump and his supporters behaved…liberals, especially FEMALE liberals, refused to vote for Hillary, to vote for their own sex and their own interests, refused to do whatever was in their power to make sure Trump never had power over American women.

Then again, what can you expect from a group of people who think Laverne Cox and Brucilla deserved “Woman of the Year?”


So I left a comment on a friend’s Facebook under a photo of her in a pantsuit. I liked the photo and left the following comment. 

“Love it! Meanwhile I am wearing dirty work clothes…the kind real working women wear, not porn star clothes that Trump wish we wore.”

To me, that’s pretty straightforward to anyone with any hint of imagination or subtlety and who doesn’t have a stick up her ass. But in case it’s still not clear, let me spell it out. 

This is the timeline of a friend who has known me for years and who A: knows I am working class and B: knows I work in what can be a hard, dirty job. So it was intended mainly for her, to be understood by her, not just anyone.

More importantly, I was trying to send the message that, as much as some powerful men may not like it, women are hard workers with brains and a set of priorities that don’t include men’s boners. And since I couldn’t wear a white pant suit, I am offering up my now dirty work clothes as a tribute to the driven women of our feminist past and women everywhere that want to stop Trump and what he stands for. 

Well, this is a response I got from JB:

“Real women wear dirty work clothes?” 

I’ll just leave that there.

Exhibit 1001-A why I hate the American “left.” 

On Men: Explain Something to Me

I admit to being very afraid of strange men in private or semi-private places. I think most women feel the same, for good reason. However, I have never hated men or had a problem with men as frienda, co-workers, or non-sexual partners. Maybe even a casual romantic date here and there if he is reasonably attractive and we have things in common. But I have never actually wanted to have sex with a man and I have said as much, to many people, male and female, over and over and over and over. 

But it doesn’t penetrate (no pun intended). I rarely spend time alone with men, nor do I generally have close friends with men. All my life, for no particular reason, I have never really crossed paths with men of my own volition, only in paasing because they’re family or I go to school/work with them. I can count on one hand the number of men I have had significant involvement with. 

Yet with these few men… it is almost always the same…we talk, hit it off, exchange numbers, and then it begins. He immediately wants to see me alone…spend weekends with me, call or text me daily, sometimes several times a day, sometimes several times in a row, several times a day. They want to know personal details. They want to know everything I’m doing. The bolder and/or more desperate men will immediately start telling me what sexual favors they’re hoping to get out of me.

It used to be I assumed they didn’t know better and I would try to let them down easy or drop hints. That didn’t work. I started being more explicit upfront. That still didn’t work.

Men simply don’t appreciate boundaries.

But I’m not allowed to say that because women who are partnered with men feel the need to talk about hiw great their man is (and I care because…?) And how unfair it is to stereotype. NAMALT, you know.

Well…I hate to inform you…men are like that. Not all, obviously,but many, probably most men are like that to some degree. Men as a group do not appreciate boundaries and either don’t understand or care about women’s privacy or safety. 

After all, if men are all different…why has every man I have ever been alone with behaved liked that? If all men are different…don’t you think at least one of the five I have been alone in private with would not be a total creep ot desperate loser?

Yeah. As far as I’m concerned, all men are like that until they prove otherwise. And it’s just as well, because I’m not interested in men anyway.